Press Play Updates FREE Stereo Helper Plugin to Version 1.1.0

FREE Stereo Helper Plugin Version 1.1.0

Press Play has announced version 1.1.0 of their Stereo Helper, a free stereo enhancer/panner effect plugin.

With Stereo Helper you can preview mid or side channel of your stereo tracks, add depth to audio signals, control the stereo width, panning, phase inversion and much more.

Can’t get that stereo mix right? Your tracks don’t sound wide enough? Are you afraid of mono compatibility? Don’t panic – Stereo Helper is here to assist you!

The mixing engineer’s little friend won’t let you down and will take care of your everyday stereo processing tasks.

The 1.1.0 update comes with the following additions and fixes:


  • Support for Mac OS (10.7 and above).
  • Supported file formats for Mac: VST, VST3 and AU as 64-bit plugins.


  • Fix a wrong behaviour in mid/side mode. Although these controls are disabled in mid/side mode, mono test and panning would be processed anyway.
  • Fix bug with uninitialized delay filters which potentially could cause a crash.
  • Optimize performance on Windows builds.
  • Minor graphics improvements.


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