Applied Acoustics Systems Releases Objeq Physical Modeling iOS App

Objeq Physical Modeling iOS App

2018—Applied Acoustics Systems has released Objeq, a creative effect iOS app which filters audio signal through acoustic objects—plate, drumhead, and beam—acting as resonators.

Objeq is their first iOS app and is based on AAS’ award-winning physical modeling technology.

“As a standalone app, it’s a lot of fun, put on your headphones, tap a beat on your table, and make your hands sound like a percussive musical instrument. With the help of your device’s microphone, Objeq transforms those beats to sound closer to a real percussion instrument and you get tones reminiscent of congas, bongos, djembes, and many other resonant things” said Eric Thibeault, product specialist at Applied Acoustics Systems. “It’s also a great plug-in for your iOS DAWs to process beats and loops.”

Objeq is available as a standalone application and also loads in any Audio Unit v3 compatible DAWs such as GarageBand, Cubasis 2, Auria Pro, and AudioBus 3.


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