Brain Control Updates FREE Tunefish Virtual Analog Synthesizer to v4.2.0

FREE Tunefish Virtual Analog Synthesizer v4.2.0

Brain Control has updated its Tunefish free virtual analog synthesizer plugin for Mac, Windows and Linux to version 4.2.0.

Tunefish is a very tiny virtual analog synthesizer. It is developed to fit into about 10kb of compressed machine code while still producing an audio quality that can compete with commercial synthesizers. This site was created to make the VST/AU version of it available to the public.

This plugin, unlike the version of TF which is used in 64k intros of our group Brain Control, is of course larger, mainly because it has a UI and uses the excellent Juce framework for C++.

New in v4.2.0:

  • Upgrade to JUCE 5.3.0
  • VST3 Plugin now included
  • Factory patches now stored inside Plugin. No separate programs folder is needed anymore.
  • Changes in programs are now saved in user directory
  • Fixed a pitch bending issue
  • Added meters
  • Added keyboard
  • Added patch loader and factory writer
  • Several small fixes
  • New patches made by Anders Lund Olsen

Tunefish 4 is available in the following formats: Windows and Linux as VST (32 and 64bit) and on Mac as Audio Unit or VST. Download doesn’t require any registration.

Price: Free


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