Boz Digital Labs’ Little Foot Kick Drum Enhancer Plugin Is $10 for a Limited Time!

Little Foot Kick Drum Enhancer Plugin Is $10

Boz Digital Labs has announced their Little Foot kick drum enhancer plugin is $10 for a very limited time (reg. $49).

Little Foot lets you add anything from subtle to extremely low end to your kick drum without compromising the original sound. It does this by triggering a low-frequency sine wave that plays along with your original kick drum.

You can control how deep and how hard this sine wave triggers, and how long it sustains. You can even “tune” your kick drum to match the key of the song.

Little Foot is available for Windows and MacOS, VST, AU, RTAS and AAX plugin formats.

The promo is valid until March 26, 2018. Discount is already applied.


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