Best Free Plugins of the Week #1: Retrox, Molekules, Ambient Reverb and More


Here we are with our first article, a list of the best free plugins from the week which has just passed. This will be a weekly series where we’ll present freeware plugins for both Windows and Mac OS, be it instruments, effects as well as utilities.

Without further ado, here are the best free VST/AU plugins this week:

1Retrox by BeatMaker (VST/AU)

Retrox is a free ROMpler instrument based on 80’s sounds. It sports a simple and intuitive interface and is based on 13 original sounds created with analog equipment. Expect some basic controls including ADSR, HP/LP filters, panning, LFO depth & rate, as well as a simple reverb.

Price: FREE

2Ambient Reverb by Stone Voices (VST)

Ambient Reverb is intended for ambient music genre, but it can be applied also to other musical styles and even vocals. Its distinctive features are the broad range of reverberation time (up to 100 seconds) and the ability to emulate the Frippertronics tape looping technique. 16 factory presets are included.

3Jamstix 4 Free by Rayzoon (VST/AAX)

Jamstix 4 Free is a scaled-down version of a commercial version but still very potent and useful. Labelled as “Virtual Drum Software”, Jamstix 4 is perfect for real-time groove compositions using dedicated style and drummer modeling. It features in-depth drummer limb simulation, including triangulation of hand movements and ensures that the grooves are always humanly playable.

4FB-3200 by Full Bucket Music (VST/AU)

The FB-3200 synth is free VST/AU instrument simulating the KORG PS-3200 polyphonic synthesizer from 1978. It is written in native C++ code for high performance and low CPU consumption. The plugin supports MIDI Learn, meaning all parameters can be controlled by MIDI CC.

5Molekules by Flintpope (VST/AU)

Molekules is a versatile synthesizer that produces movement in the sound – very useful if you need long and evolving pads that can sometimes take you by surprise. The instrument is also good at creating harsh environments as well as beautiful chasms of sound. There are 10 presets included to start from.


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