AfroDJMac Releases FREE “100 Year Old Piano” for Ableton Live and Logic Pro


AfroDJMac has announced the release of 100 Year Old Piano, a free virtual instrument for Ableton Live and Logic Pro users, featuring a 100-year-old Kranich and Bach piano.

Every key of that piano was sampled, also the instrument makes little noises and is less than perfectly tuned, but it has tons of character.

While there are many pristinely recorded, technically-perfect pianos available in just about every DAW, they don’t have this piano. They don’t have these idiosyncrasies, these specific noises some of the hammers make, or the spirit of the players that left this piano behind. So I wanted to capture that and give it to you.

Please enjoy my 175th Free Ableton Live Pack: The 100 Year Old Piano. And because I don’t want to leave Logic Pro users out, I’ve also included a version of the piano for Logic’s EXS24 sampler instrument.

100 Year Old Piano is available for free via Gumroad (if you want it for free, insert “0” in the price field). The download contains Ableton Live Instrument Rack preset and Logic Pro EXS24 preset.


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